Mixed Office Paper Recycling:

Ai provides a simple and effective mixed paper recycling service. Mixed paper recycling refers to the practice of collecting a variety of paper types in one bin or can. The paper types can include cardboard, telephone books, junk mail, office paper, construction paper and more. After collections, our mixed paper loads are taken to our recycling facility to be sorted, baled and shipped to paper mills. The mills process the mixed paper and new recycled products are manufactured for consumer use. Each ton of waste paper recycled saves three cubic yards of landfill space and 17 trees. Ai stride's to be an industry leader in the recycling industry.

Cardboard recycling can make a big difference. Over 90% of packages shipped in the United States are shipped using cardboard boxes. Recycled cardboard only takes 75 percent of the energy needed to make new cardboard and lessens the emission of sulfur dioxide that is produced when making pulp from wood trees. Recycling one ton of cardboard saves nine cubic yards of landfill space and 46 gallons of oil."

Cardboard is inherently becoming more environmentally friendly, as it can be processed with non-toxic inks and does not need to be bleached. Cardboard is manufactured from lumber industry by-products, such as sawdust and wood chips. Cardboard is regularly recycled approximately 70% of all manufactured corrugated cardboard is recycled and turned into new cardboard or paperboard.

We are committed to working with our customers to make commercial, and school recycling easier and less expensive than throwing trash in a landfill. With our recycling services, we make it possible to "Go Green" and Save Green. Ai provides collection, recycling and disposal services for commercial, municipal, and industrial facilities. We tailor our services to meet the needs of each customer. Upon request, we provide municipalities, businesses and schools with a free recycling and waste audit. Advantra can advise customers how to recycle 75% of their waste. Imagine diverting all that trash from the landfill and cutting your costs for waste disposal. Ai makes recycling in the office or at the warehouse easy by tailoring a program to your company's unique needs. Each company's waste is different and we work hard to find the most responsible way to keep it out of the landfill.

Ai believes single stream makes recycling at school so easy. Students and teachers enjoy throwing all their recyclables in one container. It makes clean up for school custodians easier too. Not only are we helping to make school recycling programs better, we are instilling the important "recycling" mindset within the youth of America. It's not how many customers we serve; it's how we serve our customers. We provide Responsible Waste Solutions and Recycling Services that not only help to save you money, but also are having a positive impact on our global environment.