PhotoChemical Recovery:

Complete Waste Compliance Program

PhotoChemical wastes from film processors have two chemical components: fixer and developer. Fixer is used to emulsify silver from the x-ray film as part of the process in film development. A direct result of this process is the accumulation of silver in spent fixer that exceeds allowable discharge limits into the sanitary sewer. Photographic developer has trace amounts of silver from the process, but is within the allowable discharge limits in most areas.

Waste photo chemicals from x-ray film processing equipment are filtered rendering waste non hazardous to meet local, state, and federal requirements for discharge into public sewer. Spent filter is shipped for recycling via DOT/EPA approved storage / shipping container. Generator is supplied with prepaid return shipping container, recycling, and proper documentation.

Ai uses EPA approved photochemical filtration units to ensure the customers compliance in all U.S. locations. We offer four models specifically designed to meet individual dental practice requirements. Each filtration unit comes with a pre-paid return shipping and recycling certification. Our recycling program eliminates the need to store hazardous waste chemicals and reduce OSHA complications for handling hazardous waste.