Confidential Document Destruction:

Why Shred?
We provide confidential destruction & recycling services for all types of professional businesses that are obligated to comply with the data protection act (DPA).

Every business has in its possession some information that needs to be kept private. Employees and customers have the legal right to have this data protected. Data such as customer lists, price and cost lists, sales statistics and drafts of bids or correspondence are likely to be of a great interest to any aspiring competitor and hence need to be protected from any type of theft.

With so much of information available in the offices, heaps of papers usually end up in a dumpster from where it can be easily accessed by anyone with vested interests. Research shows that in absence of secure document destruction, an increasing number of companies have been facing the risk of criminal and civil prosecution, apart from a resulting loss of business.

The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA) requires that any individual or business that maintains personal consumer information must take reasonable care to protect against unauthorized access to this information, and they must also destroy personal consumer information before it is discarded. Violation of FACTA, which went into effect in 2005, can mean fines and penalties of up to $2,500 for each consumer record compromised.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets national standards for the protection of personal health information. HIPAA, which went into effect in 1996, requires all healthcare providers, including any organization that transmits personal health information, to maintain the confidentiality of this information and to destroy the information before it is discarded. Identity theft and unauthorized disclosure of private information has reached epidemic proportions. According to the Better Business Bureau, last year alone this crime claimed more than 8.9 million victims. But information theft is not just something that affects consumers.

The FBI estimates that information theft costs American businesses as much as $24 Billion in losses each and every year. With over 40 federal laws mandating that all businesses, healthcare facilities and financial institutions protect the confidential information of their customers, clients and patients, it's imperative that you establish a shredding program. Failure to do so can expose your organization to severe fines, bad publicity and lost business.

Document Destruction Services consist of the documented and secure collection, storage and disposal of all documents. Confidential material may include: Accounts Payables / Receivables, Arbitration / Grievance File, Bids / Quotations, Contracts, Credit Card Information, Invoices, Medical Records and Personal Records.

The benefits of outsourcing you Document Destruction needs It's the Law:

  • Saves Time and Money:
  • No Shredder repairs and maintenance
  • If you do it yourself, you'll spend 3-5 times more because...
  • High paid hourly/salaried employees spending costly time shredding rather than completing more productive tasks.
  • Cost of shredder, repairs, and maintenance
  • Salaried employees can spend more time completing more productive task rather than costly time shredding.

    It's Good for the Environment:
    All shredded documents are recycled and ultimately developed into new products. Shredding prevents local landfills from being filled unnecessarily. It's Quiet, Convenient, and Clean:

  • No paper dust, noise, cleanup, or other shred-it-yourself headaches.
  • You decide the type, number and size of secured containers that best fit your facilities
  • You decide the frequency to have your secured containers emptied and documents destroyed.

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